Meeting Everyone's Needs

I am so pleased that I made the decision to become a First Call employee. First Call cares about their employees as much as their clients. I love working for First Call!

Helen H., R.N.
Private Duty Nursing

Flexibility Matters

First Call is the perfect place to work. I can work when I want and earn enough money to support my family. As a single mom, it's important to me that I have flexible hours to be with my children. I love being a parent as much as I love being a nurse and working for First Call gives me the best of both worlds. I truly appreciate everything the office staff does for me.

Marjorie P.
Home Health Aide

Loyal, Satisfied Employees

I am a Registered Nurse and have been with First Call for over 5 years, usually working 12 week contracts. First Call has by far the best pay and bonuses in town.

Naomi W.
Staffing Hospitals

Working Around What Matters

I have three kids and that alone makes my life pretty hectic most of the time. The Staffing Coordinators at First Call find the shifts I need to fit my unpredictable lifestyle. I love the people in the office.

Sondra G., LPN
Staffing Clinics

The Perfect Job

Working for First Call just keeps getting better and better. I don’t know what I would do without my job at First Call, they are truly AMAZING.

Joe B, Physical Therapist
Staffing and Home Care Visits

Control Your Own Vacation Time

First Call is a true blessing in my life. They always find me the perfect position for when and how much I want to work. That gives me the flexibility to take vacations with my family when they are out of school.

Kathy C. LVN
Private Duty Home Care

Love Your Job, Love Your Schedule

I love being a nurse, but having a set schedule 5 days a week was more than I could handle with a fast-paced family. When I applied at First Call, my Staff Coordinator told me about having a flexible schedule set by ME! I was so shocked to learn I would be allowed to work around my needs and control my own schedule! Nowhere else offers the kind of freedom and flexibility that First Calls does.

Rebecca F. RN
Staffing and Home Care